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Tuesday night:
We went out to Panda Express for tea (fast food chinese chain, amazing orange chicken) and picked up some beer & wine, then just chilled in the room at the Hard Rock.
I must say the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is our new favourite Vegas spot, the room was huge, the bed like an enormous cloud, and the decor right up our street - we shall return!

Wednesday morning:
I woke up super early, so wandered round the casino trying to find some coffee. I like doing that, you see four kinds of people:

- People who have been up all night at the slot machines, still playing (tired from concentrating, zombie like and a bit  pale from lack of sun)
- People coming home to their rooms after being out all night (generally disheveled looking and loud)
- Cleaners  (Need more lemon pledge)
- Other people like me, wandering round starry eyed at the blinking lights, looking for coffee

Once I located coffee & delivered it back to our room on the 10 floor (Side note: HRH has the FASTEST lifts I have ever been in)
we packed up, and set off to buy me a hat.
I needed a hat as we were off to Badwater in Death Valley and the last time we were there I got ill from the sun & heat after 15 minutes, so we thought a hat would help. Plus I look good in hats. I chose a jaunty western number in black felt.
2.5 hours later after a circuit of the valley, we got out of the car at Badwater. It was 43 degrees C, so not as hot as it had been on Vegas last week, but I'm sure the change in altitude doesn't help either, so even with hat I was back in the car feeling awful after 10 minutes.
Due to the route via Death Valley, the rest of our journey to Bishop (our stop off between Vegas and San Francisco) was one long-ass road punctuated by western frontier towns, population 254. One of them, Lone Pines was used loads for filming westerns in the golden Hollywood age. we stopped for Meatballs & Spaghetti in a small diner there as we hadn't eaten since that coffee in Vegas.

50 or so miles later we rolled into Bishop, which is a larger town (technically a city) but still quite rural and quaint. Our hotel is lovely, the local creek actually runs through the hotel grounds, and our balcony overlooks it.

Tomorrow, on to San Francisco, and I'm performing at a show there :-)


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