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Bishop, California. Actually quite a rural place, the other tourists there were all from other parts of the States. In the evening I had gone across the road for a late night burger to Carls Jr, and the bloke behind the counter was definitely bemused and surprised to see an english person there asking for a $6 burger!

Anyway,  Thursday morning we got up early and began our epic journey to San Francisco. the sat nav estimated it at a 6 hour journey (yikes!), I had anticipated it at 4.5 hours based on google maps.
We would've shaved it down to 4.5 hours, had it not been for various delays due to roadworks going through Yosemite National Park. 

We stopped off for pizza after 3.5 hours or so, at a random camping village - there seems to be nothing else to do out there but go camping, hiking or variations thereof. Pizza was good though, even if we did look out of place for our lack of camping gear!

We drove so far that day, the actual scenery changed several times:
- Gold in them there hills rural town
- Them there hills
- National park (fir trees, mountains, lakes)
- Camping village
- Them there hills again
- Fruit & nut growing fields of California (mainly plums and almonds)
- Civilisation, Bridges and San Francisco!

Once arriving in our hotel, I promptly walked to Peets Coffee for an intense caffeine hit for both me & Jon, before unpacking all my burlesque stuff and doing my hair/face for the night's show!
We got a taxi down to the venue so Jon could enjoy a beer while he watched the show.
It. was. awesome. I really really enjoyed performing, it was a well organised and  run show, the people were all lovely, I can't wait to see pictures!
Perfect international debut :-)

We chilled on Friday, as it was the first day in a week where we didn't have to get up and drive off to another destination!
Peets coffee for breakfast, followed by lunch at Mel's Drive In

I've always wanted to try a Reuben sandwich,, and I'm glad I did! Om nom nom nom. 
My root beer came in a tall glass with a striped straw and a cherry floating on top, which made me happy (easily pleased).

In the evening we went to Patxi's pizza, which we enjoyed last time - you get a the pizza base, with the toppings on, then a layer of cheese, then a layer of pizza base, then the tomato sauce, like a double decker pizza. Very nice. 


Today we had International House of Pancakes for breakfast, then went for a walk round fisherman's wharf in the sun. I particulary enjoyed The Musee Mechanique which has some music machines dating back to the 1890's, and some original peep show machines. I took some some pictures/video on my phone but they won't upload on this connection :(



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