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We went to the Zoo!
We stopped at the beach before we got there, chilly in that sea breeze. Some crazy fools were surfing too

This ostrich knew I was eyeing up her feathers.....

Snuggling bears!!!

Poison dart frog! good picture, but I used flash, and then I had to apologise to the frog for dazzling him

Closest I have ever been to a flock of flamingos! Beautiful!!

Although we enjoyed wandering round the zoo, all of the big animals (Giraffe, gorillas, zebras, bears, lions, tigers, snow leopard [gorgeous!], rhino, hippo, anteater, polar bear) looked depressed, bored and claustrophobic. Especially the polar bear, he looked miserable. I don't think the enclosures were big enough, really those types of animals should be in a Safari park or even better, conserved in the wild. 

Sunday evening we drove out to San Jose to Henry's Hi-Life, a BBQ place featured on Man Vs Food as seen here:
We both had ribs, they were OK, not amazing, and the BBQ sauce was more like tomato soup. Meh!

The long ass drive to Los Angeles! 5.5 hours
I love our hotel here though, it's in Brentwood (lovely neighbourhood, the new Beverley Hills  you know, and the house from Fresh Prince is round here!)
The room is big and lofty, and there are free milk & cookies in the lobby every afternoon. After such a long drive, we had a snooze and then went to Baby Blues BBQ in Venice for food. As experienced on previous holidays, these are AMAZING ribs. (Yes, this means I ate practically a whole baby pig in the space of 2 days. I don't care, it was tasty).

Universal Studios, and my favourite ride, Jurassic Park. We got properly soaked this time round, it's been such a hot day they turned up the water effects but equally we dried out in minutes.
Haunted House update: I managed NOT to kick any midgets this time, but did have a "Bring it on!" moment with Frankenstein.  


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