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We went up to Griffith's Observatory, for the second time (we couldn't get parked when we went back when we first got to LA). We couldn't get parked again, which was a bit of a pain, as it is a beautiful view from up there.
Instead we went to Phillipe's for lunch, best sandwiches ever. Today has been all about food really! 
We then went for another walk round Venice beach - I like it there, sunny, full of weirdos and stoners, lots of weird shops etc. Jon is not such a big fan but he indulged me none the less!
This evening we have had the best italian food I have ever eaten, words cannot describe the lasagne we have just had:

It was a bit like that.

And the tiramisu...... OOOHHHMAAAAGERRRHDDD!!!
I am so full of food right now, but I didn't want to stop eating as it tasted so good.
We fly home tomorrow :(


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